5 Hobbies I Work From Home To Make Money

5 Hobbies I Work From Home To Make MoneyLike most people I enjoy my hobbies. As a matter of fact for my entire life I have always wanted to make money with my hobbies. It just wasn’t happening until the Internet came along and my dreams started becoming a reality. Today I make most of my income from my hobbies.

Let me ask you a couple of questions. 1) Do you have an Internet connection? 2) How about at least one hobby you and others spend money on? If you answered yes to both questions you could work from home and make money online like I do as the two work so well together today.

Personally I have found most of my hobbies and interests can make money and they do. I didn’t start my work from home business around my hobbies but instead my interest for building websites. It wasn’t until about 5 or 6 years later I started focusing on my hobbies and affiliate marketing.

Hobbies I Make Money Blogging About

  1. Sport Fishing

5 Hobbies I Work From Home To Make MoneyFishing means a lot to me. I have been enjoying fishing since I was a young boy of about 8 and was hooked as they say immediately.

I was introduced to fishing after 3 years of being moved from one foster home to another before being placed on a farm in Ontario where an older foster brother took me under his wing.

Taking me fishing and just being there changed my life for the better as it gave me an outlet for my frustrations and building anger issues. So you can imagine how close to my heart fishing is. The Joy of Fishing 


  1. Home Gardening

While living on the farm we had a huge vegetable garden, so big that my foster dad used to work it with the big farm equipment used for the fields. Even though it was a lot of hard work I fell in love with gardening and couldn’t wait until I had a garden of my own.

5 Hobbies I Work From Home To Make Money

Well that took about another 30 years before I owned home with a yard we could plant a vegetable garden in and now I have my own little home vegetable garden I blog about. It’s actually my most profitable blog.

BTW: I don’t have just one site in each of the niches I blog about. I have 3 fishing sites and 2 home gardening blogs.

  1. Playing Acoustic Guitar

5 Hobbies I Work From Home To Make MoneyI have no natural talent for playing music and what I know came very hard. I tried learning guitar back in the early 70s, long before the Internet was available. That didn’t go well at all but you can read about that on my Learn How To Play Acoustic Guitar blog.

The next one is not so much a hobby as something I needed to learn in order to control our son’s over active pit bull Honey.

  1. Problem Puppy Training Tips

5 Hobbies I Work From Home To Make MoneyWhen our son came home one day with a pit bull he had rescued from the SPCA I had mixed feelings to say the least. My first reaction was anger. I couldn’t believe he would bring home a dog that would most likely eat us in our sleep.

On the other hand the fact he rescued her from certain death kind of melted my stone heart and we now have a big baby called Honey that’s so much a part of our family that it will hurt to see them move out.

I had some training to do as she was abused and needed some guidance and is a big part of the reason I started Effective Puppy Training Moncton. 

  1. Travel in New Brunswick

Traveling is something that both my wife and myself love to do. Loving it and getting the opportunity to travel is a whole other thing. We did do a bit while our son was growing up but work schedules made it tough.

We are now at retirement age and eager to start traveling once again, this time just the two of us and we can’t wait. Our Travel New Brunswick blog is only just getting started because we are only just getting started.

Well those are five of the niches I work from home to make my living online. What’s really cool about blogging about one’s hobbies and making money is that it gives me more money I can spend enjoying my hobbies.

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