5 Steps To Back Linking Effectively

5 Steps To Back Linking EffectivelyLink building today is a vital part of any work from home business that has a web presence. It’s a skill that can be easily learned and should be done on a daily basis. I use backlinking to gain more traffic to my webpages. Here is some of what I do that makes me more money.

  1. Visit Relevant Blogs And Comment.I love visiting blogs that are in my niche to see what they are talking about. Then, once I’ve read their latest blog post, I like to leave a comment that will add value to the post, if I can. If I can’t then I usually will ask a question about their post so that I learn more.

Doing this will get the attention of the blog owner and even their readers and subscribers.

I leave a link back to a relevant page on my own blog which gets me more traffic from relevant traffic.

  1. Take Time To Get Listed in Web Directories.You should take the time to find directories you can list your blog or websites in as it’s another method of getting backlinks and better ranking for your sites and pages. One way backlinks are the best kind to get but they should be located in the proper categories on these directories.
  2. Request Link Exchanges.I don’t really do a lot of reciprocal linking today as I much prefer one way linking as do the major search engines. It’s part of why I have multiple domains on the same topic and have multiple hosting accounts with different IP addresses.

Having multiple sites in the same niche but on different IP addresses allows me to offer three way linking so that they appear to be one way links.

  1. Use Article Marketing.To do proper article marketing you really should find pages on your site and use those keywords to write articles you will publish to various places online. You will be able to leave at least one backlink, or it’s not worth your time.

Each article should have similar focus, keyword focus that is, but should not be the same article, as some people do. Write an article that complements the page you are linking to so the search engines will see it as relevant and help your ranking.

I only publish articles to article directories with pagerank. I look for PR4 and up. I also always start with eZineArticles.com as they are the strictest at accepting articles.

Rewrite each and every article so that you are not publishing duplicate content as it won’t help your pagerank. Personally I use The Best Spinner to rewrite articles faster but before I publish spun articles I make sure I have proof read each one to see that they read like a human wrote them.

  1. Vary Your Anchor Text.This is important because it makes your backlinking look natural to the search engines. If they see that you have 1000 links pointing back to your site which all say the same thing they will know they are not natural and that can go against you and your site’s page rank.

These 5 points should help you get your own backlink campaign going that will start the process of getting your site ranked higher in the major search engines.

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