5 Ways You Can Make Money Blogging For Profit

5 Ways You Can Make Money Blogging For ProfitSo many people today work from home blogging, myself included. However, blogging today is no longer a new method for people to get together online for sharing experiences through stories and photos but I feel it’s about the best way for a work at home marketer to make money online. I understand they started as web logs for documenting programming progress, I prefer it as a blog.

I use my blogs to make money and have blogs in a variety of niches that I know enough about to blog for profit. During this process I use multiple methods to make my earnings. So I have listed a few ways I make money blogging today.

Adsense Advertising – Google is my best friend for so many reasons, mostly because they send me the traffic I need to make money so it’s only right that I make money with my blogs though Google’s Adsense program.

Now when visitors are reading my pages they will see relevant ads displayed by Adsense, if and when they click an ad I make a little more income. The more targeted visitors I get the more likely I am to increase my income.

Write Product Reviews – I love affiliate marketing as it just seems to go hand in hand with blogging. I find products that help my business or make me a better gardener or fisher, what ever it is I use affiliate products to make money money online by writing product reviews for my readers.

I earn commission for each product I sell from my reviews. Some commissions are tiny because sometimes products are rather inexpensive, like $2.00 fishing lures I only make 10 cents with. However there are things I sell, like horse saddles where I can make hundreds per sale.

Contextual Text Link Ads – I belong to a few text link ad sites and earn money having these services sell contextual links and ads on my pages. I just list my site, add info about my site and they match my site with advertisers and I earn money every month.

Paid Links – As my blogs started gaining ranking in the search engines I started getting emails with request for links within my blog posts. All they want is a hyperlink and are willing to pay me for that link a year at a time. How cool is that.

Sell Your Own Products – A product could be something as simple as an ebook or report that is useful to others. I have a friend that wrote a short ebook teaching others how to potty train their small dogs to use a litter box.

He sells his ebooks on the Clickbank marketplace and a few other spots like eJunkie and DayDotCom.

Not only can you sell your own ebooks you can have others sell your ebook as affiliates. This can make you a lot of extra money over and above what you earn yourself.

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