5 Work From Home Blogging Tips To Grow On

5 Work From Home Blogging Tips To Grow OnToday it’s common place for people to know a blogger however it’s not so common to know a work from home blogger who actually makes money blogging.

Blogging in and of itself is really easy today. If you have something you want to share blogging is the way to do it and it doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

However, after saying blogging is easy and free, I have to add that if your goal is to blog for profit you will need to work at it. I’m giving you good advice when I say that the first step in blogging for profit is research.

I Look At Blogging Like Vegetable Gardening

My first experience at gardening was kind of a flop and I didn’t actually have any plants that produced produce. Thank goodness I had a job and didn’t actually need the produce to live. Had I been blogging for profit back then I would have starved.

Later I learned a few things about gardening in general which helped with the following growing season. Using vegetable gardening as an analogy of blogging for profit what did I learn that could equate to a work from home blog that will make money?

A Vegetable Garden’s Location Is Like Your Niche

The first step in good vegetable gardening, just like in real estate, is location, location, location.

In keeping with our analogy of veggie gardening location means where you get the most direct sunlight. For blogging for profit this means you need to be located in a niche you can get enough traffic to make money.

This also means that your traffic or the sunlight is direct and not bouncing off things before it arrives at your garden, or blog. This means you need targeted traffic for best results.

You Need To Have Fertile Soil Full of Nutrients

So sunlight or a profitable niche is required but it’s not the only thing one needs to succeed in gardening or blogging.

Before you ever plant the seed, or start that first blog post you need to be sure you have all the things required for growing your garden in place before you trying growing things or earning income from your blog.

Planting Seeds As Blog Posts

Once you have cultivate and amended the soil so that it has a good foundation for growing a garden or a business you need to have the right seeds which in this analogy are your words of choice, or niche related keyword phrase.

Water Your Garden Regularly For Best Results

So, all the things you have done to this point have been a foundation or garden preparation. Next, for best results the garden needs to be watered regularly. The thing is too little and you don’t get the results you expect but too much and you can over do it.

In blogging it’s great to have natural links pointing back to your blog pages. However, just like in gardening, too little watering or backlinking and you won’t get the effect you want. Too much backlinking all at one time can appear unnatural to search engines and can have negative results.

I love gardening and I love working at home and blogging for profit. Both took me a while to learn how to get the best results, once I learned it was up to me to apply what I learned and that’s when the magic happens.

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