5 Work From Home Moncton Blog Writing Tips

5 Work From Home Moncton Blog Writing TipsI guess the fact my blog is called Work From Home Moncton indicated that I do work from home. It’s the greatest job in the world in my humble opinion but I have to work for my income and that’s what this article is about today.

Blogging is about writing and you can write about anything your heart desires, however if you blog for profit you need to know the right words to be using for your niche.

Some people just have the knack for writing, like my friend Larry has. He’s such a great writer and yes I’m a bit jealous as I have to work so hard just to get an average article completed for each of my blogs.

I just can’t keep up with the blog content I need regularly require so I have to find articles but that’s even getting hard these days, mostly due to poor writing skills or misusing article spinners like my favourite The Best Spinner.

Article networks just a couple of years ago were great places to get keyworded niche focused articles. Then along came article spinning and the quality of articles when right into the flush, making it tough to find quality keyworded articles. I have pretty much deleted all my sites from these article networks today as it’s such as waste of time.

The thing is I use The Best Spinner for my article marketing and spinning needs but I am still able to produce quality content that’s still got my keyword focus. Allow me to share a few tips that will help you spin articles yet keep the quality. This will help you get your articles accepted far more often.

  1. Article’s Need Short Sentences And Paragraphs. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much education but I like articles that have short sentences and paragraphs. They are quicker to read and scan making my job easier.
  2. Use Bullets and Numbers To Get Your Point Across. I love bullet points and numbering because it allows me to scan through your article to see if it’s worth using.
  3. Dump It Down A Bit. Reading heavy content isn’t my idea of a good time. I just end up feeling stupid and leaving the page to find one I can understand.
  4. I Don’t Accept Articles Full of Spelling And Grammar Errors. It’s simple, if you can’t take the time to proof read your article, spell check it and maybe even check the grammar, well I can’t be bothered fixing it so I reject it.
  5. I Look For Titles That Are Catchy Plus Keyworded.  Today there are just too many authors who use article spinners and don’t clue into the fact they mess up their titles and destroy their keyword focus. No keyword focus and I just click the reject button.

Article marketing isn’t rocket science. Give your readers what they are looking for and that takes research. Get a copy of Keyword Elite and you will cut your research time to a fraction, giving you lots of time to write keyworded articles I will accept, every time.

I use Keyword Elite to find the keywords for my niche, so why would I allow my article spinner, The Best Spinner, to spin my keywords into non targeted words. I pick and choose each word replacement manually so all my articles keep their keyword focus, plus TBS has a protect terms option for just that purpose.

I keep going back to the article networks hoping to find better quality but it’s not looking good. So instead of wasting too much time there I started using iWriter.com to get content. They are certainly worth a peek.

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