8 Things Required For A Successful Work From Home Blog

8 Things Required For A Successful Work From Home BlogWelcome to my new Work From Home Moncton blog which I just registered today at GoDaddy.com.

Today I would like to talk about a few guidelines one can follow that will give them a much better chance at work at home blogging success today.

The world today is full of people hurting and hunting for some extra ways to make money, just to help make ends meet and I’m not talking about third world countries here. It’s happening everywhere, even Canada, United States, Asian countries and all over Europe.

Many of these people see the earning potential in starting a work from home blog, they just don’t know how to make it work. Unfortunately for many they jump in blind anyways and spend the next months struggling and frustrate as well as even more broke. Then the day comes when they have to make the tough decision, give up or learn how.

After many frustrating months I made the decision to learn how. Now, after a few years of making it work, I would like to share some guidelines you can follow to have similar success with work from home blogging.

Work From Home Blogging Requires WORK

I am sure you’ve noticed that the key phrase ‘work from home’ begins with the word WORK which should be an indication that it will take work to succeed. Not only does it take work it takes some research as well.

The best advice I can give when you hear this from gurus saying anything like: “It’s easy to work from home and make money online.”, all in the same sentence is to turn tail and run away as fast as you can. It takes know-how, work and dedication to be a successful blogger today.

I have a couple of friends that are far worse off today, $10,000 worse off actually, after listening to a self-proclaimed guru claiming quick riches and giving him their hard earned money. Wish they had talked to me first.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to get started, certainly not thousands of dollars, however it does take some know-how which can be learned and then some work from home work to make it pay off. 

8 Things You NEED To Focus On For A Successful Work From Home Blog

  1. Purchase a keyworded domain name.
  2. Give your reader value in the content you share with them.
  3. Don’t rehash old info, keep content original and your readers will stay longer.
  4. Try providing info that’s helpful today as well as tomorrow.
  5. Don’t write for search engines first, put your human readers first.
  6. Try to be yourself, meaning don’t try to be someone else.
  7. Never stretch the truth, unless you’re a fisherman.
  8. Get your readers, real humans, involved in your discussions.

The top search engines will only show your webpage on their first page if your site earns it’s way to the top. The thing is there are many who get it right meaning if you don’t you won’t get those all important visitors you need to make money.

  1. Own A Keyworded Domain:This was the #1 thing listed because today you really need a keyworded domain name for real success.

Start by researching your desired niche to find keywords you can earn money with. You need to realize that many niches have had people working them for years so it will take a bit of research to turn up those money keywords.

Note that these keywords may not get huge volumes of traffic but enough for you to make money with. This is how I make my blogs successful so I know that it can be done and that it works so don’t give up looking.

It is not only important, I believe it’s vital, to use your best keyword phrase when you purchase a domain for your business or blog. Successful marketers put research first because they know it the research that makes marketing online so lucrative.

An example is the domain you’re on right now. Work From Home Moncton. Like all the domains I purchase at GoDaddy.com this one is keyworded to my best keyword phrase because I have proven it works with my other domains.

I not only go after keyworded domains but I also go for DOT com only as my DOT com domains have always done better than non DOT com domains, even in the same niche.

  1. Give Your Readers Value In Blog Posts They Deserve It.Why go to the bother of researching your niche if you don’t focus on what people in that niche want. So give your reader something of value to read and they will read it as well as return again and again, as long as the content has value to them.
  2. Don’t Re-Hash Published Content.This means you don’t just regurgitate the same thing everyone else is saying, unless you can put a new and interesting spin on it. Make it uniquely your own.
  3. Provide Ever Green Content.If you want your site to be viable for many years it needs to contain content that is viable year after year. People aren’t going to search for out dated information.
  4. Write Your Content For Humans.I find it so frustrating when I land on a webpage, after doing a search only to find content that’s been spun until it doesn’t make sense to read. I tend to try and re-read parts but usually just leave frustrated and go back to the search results to find a better site.

Do your research, find your best keywords and then write articles that give readers what they want, not the search engines, they can take care of themselves if you just write quality as well as unique content.

  1. Be Yourself. Another thing I have found when reading web pages is that people don’t seem to want to be themselves. Instead they feel the need to use big words and to sound more intelligent that I am. It sometimes hurts trying to read stuff like that.

Just be yourself and share valuable information, that’s what I like to read.

  1. Tell The Truth, Always.When I read an article on a site and find even one piece of information I know is not accurate and it makes the entire article suspect. Why would I continue reading if I have doubts about your credibility? Be honest and stay honest.
  2. Get Your Readers Involved.Now that you are doing all the things that make for a great work from home blog and you’re on your way. Now one more thing that’s important and that’s to get your readers involved in your discussion.

As you can see it’s not that difficult to work from home and make good money, once you know some guidelines like those I’ve mentioned here. I said ‘not difficult’ but it does take work so do the learning first and happy blogging.

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