A Work From Home Blogger’s Work Day

A Work From Home Blogger’s Work DayNew marketers and bloggers for profit should know that being a work at home marketer and blogger takes a time, research, work and dedication to make it really profitable.

I love it because it gives me the freedom I have actually dreamed of having. For me personally it is all so worth the investment of my time and the effort I put into it.


Work From Home – The Daily Commute

A Work From Home Blogger’s Work DayIt’s always been a dream to set my own work schedule and today I get up and work when I feel like it. I am an early riser and always found it such a drag to have to wait hours before I had to be at work. I love the daily commute to my work from home office. It takes about 3 minutes and that includes plugging in the coffee kettle and turning on the computer.

The rest of the commute is hitting the bathroom to freshen up for the day. One more stop to get that first cup of java and I’m off to my work from home office, a 20 second commute. 

First I Like To Dump And Spam Emails

A Work From Home Blogger’s Work DayI use the time it takes to check my email for spam and dump it. It’s a great time to get my brain in gear for the day. It’s so nice to work from home and have that coffee to charge me up.

Next it’s time see what real email I have received overnight and scan them for important emails first. I love seeing guest posts requests from other like-minded work from home marketers. Having guest bloggers in my niches sure saves me a ton of time each day.

Having a dozen blogs going I get a fair bit of email so it’s always nice once I have brought it under control for the day.


Review Guest Blog Posts In Email

It’s important to me that I put guest posts into a separate folder where I can check them over before either accepting or rejecting. Those authors who haven’t met my requirements get an email reply letting them know what needs to be changed.

Not all guest posts are acceptable and must be rejected. I really don’t care for rejecting articles however it’s my work from home business and the rules have to be followed. I am happy to say most have no problem following the guidelines and I get a lot of great guest blog posts for my blogs.

Once this phase of my day is complete I have usually consumed at least 2 cups of java. I’m glad I drink mostly decaf or I’d be climbing the walls by noon.

Guests Post Are Put On A Publishing Schedule

A Work From Home Blogger’s Work DayThe spam is now gone and guest bloggers have had their article checked. I have replied to any guest bloggers who didn’t make the cut to give them something to work on while I am working with the articles I did accept.

Because I use WordPress for my blogs I can schedule my posts to appear when I want them to so that I don’t need to be home at any specific time and still have content appearing on a regular basis. This means I can be fishing for the day and still have articles published.

Note: I personally use Windows Live Writer so that I can work my articles from my desktop and only publish them when I have I’m ready. Windows Live Writer is much the same as a word processor making it easy to work with.

I have many articles in various stages of writing using Live Writer and only publish or schedule once I’m satisfied with them.

Articles Published Need To Be Keyword Focused

Now my work from home day moves on to publishing affiliate marketing related articles with keyword varied backlinks pointing to relevant pages.

Publish To High PageRank Article Directories

I like publishing to EzineArticles.com as the first article directory I publish to. The reason being, EA is the strictest when it comes to accepting articles. Once my article has been accepted, which doesn’t take long once you’ve been a member in good standing for a while, I spin the article into multiple new articles and publish them to the other top article directories.

Note: In the resource box or author box for the article directories I leave a little relevant details about myself along with a link to a relevant page on my niche related site which matches my article content.

Relevant Blog Commenting

A Work From Home Blogger’s Work DayCommenting on other people’s blogs nets me a lot of traffic as well as guest blog requests. Using blog commenting is a great way to get target traffic that doesn’t come from search engines. However it doesn’t happen with comments like, ‘great post’ or ‘I like the information here’.

I make blog commenting work for me because I do one of two things. 1) ask questions based on the blog post or 2) I add a value added comment, meaning I add to the blog post by maybe adding another tips to their 5 tips. What you want to accomplish here is to get your comment read by the owner and blog readers.

I like to be first to add a comment if I can or maybe second or third. It’s way better than being number 43 to comment. I use a feed reader to keep track of blogs so I can be first.

I Started Hiring Writers To Create My Content

A Work From Home Blogger’s Work DayI do keep a rather busy schedule and even though I have guest bloggers to help out I still find I need more content. The articles I don’t need for my blogs I spin into more great articles to publish on other sites for backlinking.

After using a few services to get articles written I found them just too expensive. Then I found Iwriter.com where articles are very affordable. I was more than impressed as I could make a request for content I need yesterday and I also have someone that writes an article in record time.

I could get articles a bit cheaper at iwriter.com but I prefer using the better rated writers and am willing to pay a little more. I still get my articles written for just $5.00 each. I can take my new article and either publish it right away or I can take a few minutes and spin it into more articles. Just a few days ago I asked for three articles for three niche blogs which I only paid $15 for and had them before the day was done. 

Work From Home Promoting Affiliate Products

Now I do all this work 5 days a week most weeks. I don’t work Monday to Friday each week though. I set my own schedule so if I want to go fishing with friends on Tuesday I will either have a 4 day work week or I my work Saturday. That right there is a huge part of why I love the work from home opportunity.

Building PageRank For My Webpages

I am also a member of BuildMyRank.com where I can publish keyword focused articles linking to my money pages.

I started with BuildMyRank through their free trial where I could have 10 free links. I signed up and added my top 5 domains and then add an article for each domain along with 2 links. I created and had 6 articles published with my links included on sites with PR2-PR4. Once the articles were published it was only two or three days before they were indexed.

That ends this article, hope it’s helpful and please do leave a comment or maybe request to have your guest post on my blog.

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