Are You Still Writing All Your Own Content?

Are You Still Writing All Your Own Content?Article marketing is a powerful method of online marketing and a big part of my work from home business day. It’s not just about writing articles or everyone would be making a great living online.

Article marketing goes beyond just writing for your blog or website, if the goal is to blog for profit. This is going to take a strong backlinking campaign in order to get ranked higher in the search engines today. I use article marketing for backlinking because it’s easier to get people to accept a good keyworded article than it is to get a backlink on their site.

You’ve likely heard that content is king and I agree 100% but content with a couple of links pointing back to your main page and inner pages is even better.

The thing is I can barely keep up with writing content for the blogs I already have, so writing content for other blogs is very time consuming. I just couldn’t get it all done and I could see things starting to slide if I didn’t get more backlinking done.

Well I found this cool site where I can get others to write content for me, at a very affordable cost which is important to me. The site is

I checked out iwriter a few times and didn’t bother with it because I didn’t think I could get quality content at such a low cost. Of course I was getting further behind and had already tried getting free content from article networks but that took me longer than if I wrote the content myself as most of it is so over spun it doesn’t even read like a human wrote.

So I decide to spend the money and see what I could get for an article at and was completely surprised with the results. It was great content and they made good use of my keywords.

Now I just head over to Iwriter and make requests for articles and then get on with my day. No more hours wasted trying to find free articles with good content.

The key with Iwriter is that I can reject any articles and the author doesn’t make a cent so it’s in their best interest to write quality content if they want to make money and that works for me.

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