Blogging For Profit Using Affiliate Marketing Products

Blogging For Profit Using Affiliate Marketing ProductsA lot of people I talk to about blogging for profit say they don’t have a product to sell. The good news is that you don’t require a product of your own to make money online today and I am one person who blogs for profit yet I don’t have products of my own.

I use affiliate products, which are products owned by others who are willing to let me sell their products for then for a percentage of the sale or a commission. This give so many of us the option to earn money with other people’s products.


Affiliate Products To Promote

Today you’ll find affiliate marketing has limitless potential as there are so many products and services one can choose from. Selling affiliate products all day long for the rest of your life and you’d still never come close to selling all the products available.

I make money in the home gardening niche with blogging for profit but we also save money as we buy less at the grocery store. Niches or markets like home gardening are so big they are broken into sub niches so there are plenty of affiliate programs, products and services so that you’ll never run out of things to talk about and promote. 

Affiliate Products Which Are Digital

Digital products are some of my favourite things to sell in every niche I work. Things like ebooks or books you can read from your computer or and iPad or even the Kindle digital reader. The Clickbank marketplace is where I get most of my digital products to promote or even for personal use.

You will find other affiliate programs for digital products other than just at Clickbank. You might want to look at and too.

You need to learn all you can about affiliate marketing and Clickbank is the place to look. It was there that I found the Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner and my online business life started making money. She’s probably about the best source to learn about affiliate marketing and making money working from home.

Non Digital Affiliate Products

I am not always looking for digital products so I needed to find more affiliate networks that would supply me with all the physical products I would ever need.

A few of the affiliate networks I have joined for my garden niche as well as my other niches:

Commission Junction, LinkShare Affiliate and ShareASale Network

Even though I have tried a lot of affiliate networks they are not all a like so I have dropped a lot of them. Those I listed above are a few I have been making money with and use them in multiple niches like gardening and acoustic guitar.

So what ever your niche is you are likely to be able to find an affiliate program. If you can’t find an affiliate program for your niche I would step back and rethink the niche you’ve chosen.

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