Finding A Profitable Niche Domain Name, Even In Competitive Markets

Finding A Profitable Niche Domain Name, Even In Competitive MarketsI work from home in Moncton and as a work from home marketer making money through niche marketing the best piece of advice I can give anyone thinking about trying online marketing today is to go into a niche they like.

Now that I’ve said that I should add that you might not want to go into a niche just because you like that niche. That cleared things up, right? That’s alright, keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.


If A Niche Isn’t Competitive Is There Money In It

Really, when you think about it, online niche marketing has been going on for more than 10 years and is only going to become even more competitive. Competition can be fierce because marketers have been pounding the virtual sidewalk for years promoting using their niche related keywords.

If you happen to be new at marketing or stepping into a new niche this means you need to do some good keyword research before you begin. Finding the keywords you can rank for gives you a chance to break into a niche and over time you can even rank for top keywords, like I do.

YOUR Best Keywords Will Take Niche Research

I don’t start a website in any niche today before conducting the proper keyword research. The first goal should be to find the right keywords for your new niche focused domain name.

Let’s say you’re looking for gardening information and have ‘home gardening tips’ search results listed in Google. Which of the following domains would give you better vibes and more likely to be clicked?

  1. com
  2. com
  3. com

For me personally I would choose either #1 or #2 as they say gardening. The third looks like it was a domain used for something else. I always feel more like I’m on an authority site when the domain name is keyword focused toward the niche.

My advice would be to always research a domain name that is keyworded to your niche. Before you take off and buy that domain that’s been on your mind, there’s a bit more to go here.

People Tend To Think DOT COM Today

Most people today will have DOT COM pop into their head over any other extension used. It’s tough not to think DOT COM these days because we hear it day in and day out. I tell all my clients and friends to go for DOT COM domain about all others.

Because there are so many keyworded domains that are DOT COM it can be harder to find keywords to use in your domain and still have a DOT COM, so let me give you some ideas to help.

Add a suffix to the end of your keyword phrase.
Add a prefix to the beginning of your keyword phrase.
Suffix or prefix didn’t seem to work. It happens so now I would suggest you try a hyphen between two words.
Using your city or town is a great way to get keyworded domains using a suffix.

In closing the real key to online success using your own domain is the research you are willing to put in up front. I use a couple of paid tools for this which help me every day. They are Keyword Elite 2 to find MY BEST keywords and Micro Niche Finder to help me find the best keyworded domain names, and so much more.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about choose the best domain name you may always need to learn more about affiliate marketing profits.

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