Finding A Real Work at Home Job Today

Finding A Real Work at Home Job TodayIt doesn’t really matter what you call it, work at home jobs, work at home opportunities or even jobs I can work at home it’s tough finding one through all the scams out there today.

Yes it can be very frustrating and stressful, especially if you’re currently unemployed. You are not alone either as work at home jobs are so in demand in our current economy.


How NOT To Start A Work At Home Job

I quit my day job but I took my skills with me and started my own work from home job as a computer instructor, web designer and hobby blogger. It’s a great way to make money but not something you should quit your day job to do. So I would suggest you skip work from home blogging as a career.

If I were able to go back in time I would have kept my day job, started a work from home business in my spare time and waited until I was earning enough to make it a smart move. I wasn’t the smartest, admittedly but hung in there long enough to start making money. Sadly my wife had to support us, that’s not always an option.

Are There Real Work At Home Jobs?

Finding A Real Work at Home Job TodayTrying to find a legit work at home job can be most frustrating and confusing mostly due to there being so many listing that show up when searching work at home jobs and listings.

Then there are those ads that appear on the pages you find. It’s hard to tell which are legit and which might just be scams.

Work At Home Job Listings

I would suggest you start with legit sites and for me that would be work at home job listings. Here you will be able to do a search for your location, if you’re in the U.S.

Local Work At Home Jobs

I live in Canada but my home is in New Brunswick and more specifically Moncton, so I can narrow searches from global to local by adding my province and/or city. It took a search showing millions of results down to thousands, which is not so overwhelming.

If I were to be looking for a work from home job I would use the search as follows:

  • Work at home jobs Moncton
  • Work from home jobs Moncton
  • Work at home jobs” +Moncton
  • Work from home jobs” +Moncton

Using quotes helps to focus on a specific term rather than each word and using the plus sign along with your location make it specific to your location. It can certainly make it easier and more focused.

To take things a step further you could even add the type of work at home job you are interested in, just by including the job type, such as typing or data entry, in the local search.

Example: “work at home typing jobs” Moncton or “work at home data entry jobs” Moncton

Immediately my 130,000 previous search results dropped to 440 results and they are more specific to your search. The data entry search drop the results to less than 2,000.

Next, when using Google for your searches you can type in your phrase, such as work at homewithout hitting enter and Google will show you a drop down list of choices. This can give you ideas of things you may not have thought of.

Work at Home Jobs Part Two Coming Soon

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