Five Blogging Tips That Can Make The Difference

Five Blogging Tips That Can Make The DifferenceAs a work from home marketer I started my business with static websites but once blogs came on the scene I gave blogging a try. I loved the idea of a blog and found it so easy to update which wasn’t the case with my static sites.

Before long I was converting my static sites into blog and the rest is history. I also found that search engines, like Google, love blogs, probably because they are updated so frequently. Just a couple of months I had better ranking than any of my non-blog sites.

Since then blogging has seen more and more attention and quickly grew into a great way to communicate with your visitors. I’m into affiliate marketing as a work from home marketer but not every one has a blog for profit.

Whatever your reason for blogging you can always benefit from a few blogging tips that will help you get more visitors. After all it’s a real pain to write content that no one sees, right. It’s kind of a blow to the ego and self esteem. Might as well get it right if you’re going to blog. 

  1. It’s All About The Blog Post Title

Five Blogging Tips That Can Make The DifferenceWhen people are using search engines to find what they are looking for they will be shown sites based on their search criteria in the search results page. It’s your blog post page title that is shown and needs to be keyword focused as well as catchy enough to attract the click.

I pass right over many sites listed in search results because the title doesn’t match my search criteria, even though they were listed. It’s so worth your time to come up with a title that will grab me by the eyes and make me click it.

Example: I am looking for some helpful tips about bass fishing and search Google for the phrase ‘bass fishing tips’. When I look at the listings I look for titles that match my search text. If the first site listed says ‘Bass Fishing Boat Tips’ I might just ignore it and move down the listing until I see something closer, such as, ‘The Bass Fishing Tips That Netted Me My First Trophy’.

If you can’t get people to click your listing you need to work on your blog post titles.

  1. Add A Description And Tags

All my self hosted blogs are WordPress blogs. I like them because I can have so many great themes, a different one for every blog if I want. But I also focus on SEO by using my favourite plugin called All-In-One SEO.

I make sure I add a keyworded description and keywords. Next I add relevant tags under the tag section.

The combination of your keywords and tags make it easier for search engines to determine your real focus.

  1. Use Headings To Break Up Text

As a work from home blogger I put in a lot of time reading and learning from other blogs. I, like so many others, tend to be in a hurry most of the time and I can’t stand looking at an entire page of text with no breaks.

I don’t care to read through too much fluff and want to get to the meat of the post or article. For this reason I like to see heading that not only break up a page of text but also indicate what’s in the following text.

Keyword your headings and you will find search engines love your blog even more. Add in our next tip and you have real power in your blogging. 

  1. A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Five Blogging Tips That Can Make The DifferenceThat’s me on the right. I didn’t have time to comb my hair so please excuse me. Okay it’s a picture from our last Halloween. It was fun watching the expressions on kids faces when they saw this open the door.

Yes headings are important and great for quickly scanning an article or post for the info you need.

You can also add images to your post. An image can say a lot but using the ALT tag with images allows you to say more by adding a keyworded phrase, which the search engines can read.

A picture is also a great way to break up your post and adds value to your post as it can keep your reader reading longer. The longer you can keep your visitor on a page the more likely they are to click a link or banner ad and you make money.

  1. Get Your Reader Involved In Your Post

Five Blogging Tips That Can Make The DifferenceI love it when my readers take an interest in my blog post and take the time to leave a blog comment. When I am writing blog posts I want to get my readers taking part so I try to word my content so that they will want to make a comment and get involved.

I also do my best to offer content my readers like enough to return in the future for more. As a work from home affiliate marketer this is part of how I make my living. If I can’t get return visitors it’s unlikely I will make money as people don’t usually buy on the first visit, sometimes not even until they have returned 5 or 6 times.

This is part of why it’s important to keep your niche focus and don’t go off topic much. I have left many blogs because they strayed too far from their niche and I lost interest.

Now it’s time for you to get involved in my blog which can result in visitors to your own blog.

What’s a blogging tip you can add that would help others be better bloggers?

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