Five Guidelines For Real Article Spinning Success

Five Guidelines For Real Article Spinning SuccessMany online marketers today who have work from blogs tend to work hard to come up with enough quality content to keep our blog up-to-date and with enough backlinks to help increase our page rank for both individual pages as well as our main domain.

Personally, I don’t just write articles for my work at home blog, I also write articles I can backlink to my work at home blog. To accomplish this and still maintain more than a dozen blogs in a variety of niches I turned to The Best Spinner which is my favourite article spinner today.

Using The Best Spinner I can create one main article that is top quality and keyword focused and from that I can spin multiple unique articles. However it’s easy to actually destroy the power an article has if it’s not done correctly and that leads into the rest of the article.


Five Article Spinning Guidelines

  1. Today Spun Articles Have to Be 50% or More Unique

Of course I like to start with a quality article I’ve written. That has to be my starting point. From there it’s what I do with that quality and unique article.

For years it was acceptable to spin articles about 30% unique but that’s not the case today. I went from spinning articles to 30% up to 50%, then 60% and today I like to spin articles until they are pretty much 100% unique.

Note: The extra time I spend making my articles as close to 100% unique while keeping the focus of my articles is time well spent.

  1. Don’t Spam Your Keywords, Keep The Density Low

When you have keywords on your mind and you’re using an article spinner like The Best Spinner it’s easy to go wild with them which tends to look spammy. That reminds me of a client I had that didn’t get the point about keyword density and send me an article that was more than 50% keywords.

In the years since I started my work from home business I have written a lot of articles and put a lot of focus on keyword density. In that time I have found that a keyword density of between 3 and 7 percent usually works fine, leaving lots of room for other words.

  1. Don’t Spin Out Your Keywords

I used to use article networks for a lot of my content but as time went on the articles started becoming less quality and more quantity. I was getting the same articles day after day, even though I rejected them, except they were just another spun version of those I rejected.

That was taking more and more of my time until finally I just dropped them all together and started spinning my own content.

The worst thing about the articles is that most had their keywords spun into NON money keywords and as if that’s not bad enough they would even allow the title to spun to death. That was the last straw and I stopped using them.

Keep your keywords in tact and that means your title to, as it’s what we see in the search engines and most I wouldn’t click at all.

  1. Keyworded Anchor Text Is Essential Today

Keywords and backlinking should go hand in hand for best results, plain and simple. This again is a problem for most I see using article spinners like The Best Spinner because they allow their spinner to spin what should be their keyworded anchor text.

It’s not only important that you don’t destroy your keywords when spinning articles but you also need to spin your anchor text. The key is to only use keywords that are money keywords. So they are varied for great search results and more traffic as the search engines love natural looking linking.

  1. Use At Least Two Backlinks Article

Five Guidelines For Real Article Spinning SuccessFor better indexing and ranking of my pages I like backlinks pointing to my sites to link to an internal page, called deep linking, as well as a backlink pointing to the main page of my site.

It’s not that difficult to produce quality keyworded articles using The Best Spinner software, if you are willing to put in a little extra time doing it. Just be sure you check each article before publishing so that you know it has your keywords and is still quality and unique.

Follow these 5 article spinning guidelines you can even take private label rights (PLR) articles and rewrite or spin into fresh unique content.

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