Guest Bloggers Wanted

So YOU!! Could Be My Next Guest Blogger

Do I hear you saying “What’s In It For Me?”. I guest blog now and then so I know it’s nice to get something in return and I don’t mean cash because that’s not going to happen. However there are benefits to being a guest blogger at Work From Home Moncton.

  1. 2 One Way Backlinks.Each guest post written and accepted at Work From Home Moncton’s blog may include two backlinks to relevant pages. I do ask that they be on the same website and no affiliate links.
  2. Keyworded Backlink.Use your nice related phrase as your link text. Great for ranking.
  3. Links Are DoFollowe. Each guest post has their relevant links as ‘do follow’ links.
  4. Increased Target Traffic.Because I only accept quality relevant and unique content my traffic will continue to grow and target traffic that reads your guest post may follow your link and increase your traffic.
  5. You Get Credit For The Post.It’s always nice to get the credit for the work you do and I will display your name as the author and guest blogger. 

Requirements For Guest Bloggers Here

Yes there are requirements. This is how I get to control my SEO so your work will pay off as will mine. Once you’ve read the requirements you have the choice to participate if you so desire and I’ll be delighted.

  1. First I for search engine optimization reasons I ask your guest posts be unique, in a friendly toneand never published any where else. This is vital and is why it’s #1.
  2. Absolutely NO SPUN articles. Please.
  3. All articles much be written in proper English.
  4. Blog post must have a minimum of 500 words.
  5. Blog post must be based on my blog categories. The categories will grow with the site so if you can’t find one come back again.
  6. Helpful informative articles that are not sales letters.
  7. As our guest bloggers you will be given credit as the author of course.
  8. Guest bloggers who attempt to spam will of course NOT be accepted.

Note: I do reserve the right reject any post. I also reserve the right to include my own links and any images I wish. I will also make SEO changes as I see fit.

Still interested? Excellent just leave a comment and we’ll go from there. Happy blogging.

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