How To Make Money Using Parked Domains

How To Make Money Using Parked DomainsAs a work from home marketer I tend to purchase keyworded domains I think I will use sometime, and then they sit earning nothing until I do, but not any more, not since learning I can make money with my parked domains through the Google Adsense program.

I’m not alone when it comes to purchasing domains that don’t get used. I have even allowed them to sit for an entire year and then have to renew them and yet still haven’t earned any money so no more of that, starting today. Start making some extra income with those domains while you decide what to do with them, even if it takes you a year to do so.

Today I make money with those parked domains which only took me a couple of minutes to learn how. Just a couple more minutes setting things up and they were ready to start earning for my work from home business.

Today I don’t hesitate to purchase the keyworded domain names that grab my interest because I just point them to Google until I do have time. So much smarter than letting them collect virtual dust. Okay, now on to…

How I Setup My Parked Domains To Earn Income

The first thing I had to do was make sure I had one site that was of quality so that I would easily be accepted into the Google Adsense program and I was accepted. I have had a few friends that didn’t get accepted and asked for my assistance. They had awful sites with duplicate content and ads all over the place.

My advice is to leave the ads off the pages until you’ve been approved and don’t use duplicate content. Take the time to rewrite it until it’s uniquely yours. Then try getting approved again.

I use the Google Adsense ad blocks in key locations on my pages to get the best results but it’s different with Adsense for Domains. With this you point your domain to Google and let them take it over and show the entire site as a Google Adsense site.

All my domain purchases are at as they are affordable and tech support has never let me down. At GoDaddy all I have to do is point my domains to Google by changing the DNS setting. That info will be given to you by Google once you’re accepted into their program.

Once the DNS values have been changed it’s up to Google to show ads on that domain and your job to spend the money wisely.

I know it can be intimidating and a bit scary doing something new for the first time. I lived in a complete stressed state for a long time, so let me find a video on Youtube that should help out.

Setting Up Google Adsense For Parked Domains

See that wasn’t so bad was it. Now that you know how you can do it in just a minute or two for all your domains and any new ones you purchase, if you’re not using them right away of course. Heck even if you only make enough to keep your domains renewed until you use them it’s worth it.

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