How To Work From Home in Your Spare Time

How To Work From Home in Your Spare TimeLearn how to work from home in your spare time successfully and you stand to make some great income. Maybe even earn enough over time to quit your day job to work at home full time like I do.

It can definitely be done but I should warn you that it may not be as easy as you’ve heard. Too many gurus out there making claims that just are true so don’t get sucked in by them.


Best Work From Home Tip Ever

No I don’t mean the best tip is not to get sucked in by shady gurus but that is good advice.

My best piece of free advice would definitely to be sure the niche you plan to work from home needs to be something you are ready, able and willing to work for years. That really limited me, I just didn’t know it until time proved it to me. Now I work niches I enjoy.

I have a strong interest in gardening but little knowledge. If I didn’t really like the niche, enough to learn new things, I may have given up after the first year. I had no idea what I was doing but learned a lot and did make money.

The thing is I hadn’t learned enough about Internet marketing to set things up properly and didn’t do nearly as well as I could have. I didn’t even have a domain name with my keywords in it. Just used an old domain I had sitting around doing nothing.

After learning how to work from home, find a niche and research keywords I learned that I was pretty clueless and lucky to have made any money. It was time to start a new site and do things a little differently.

How To Work From Home in Your Spare Time

So you already know you should start with a niche you already like so that you won’t find it so hard to come up with content month after month and even year after year. I have found this is vital, well for me anyways. I lose interest far too quickly.

Stay Distraction Free

My experience has taught me that distractions keep me from doing my best work. Before I started my work from home Moncton blog I was a computer instructor. Creating lessons was kind of like what I do today and I had to lock myself in my office to get the best results.

Dedicate Time To Your Future Success

The human brain seems to work most efficiently when a routine is set. Getting in the habit is what it takes and that means working the same time each day or every other day. Just get a routine going and without distractions.

I have a sign I put on my office door that says Do Not Disturb. It took a few reminders before my family got the point and allowed me to work at home in peace. Until the money is coming in the family doesn’t see it as working.

Get each of the things I’ve mentioned in place and you can stay focused and get more accomplished in less time. So once again. Find a niche you can stick with for a long time, have a place to work without distractions and try to work on a schedule so you have a routine and you’re ready to go to the next phase as a work from home blogger.

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