Locating The Top Blogs to Guest Post On

Locating The Top Blogs to Guest Post OnI love the idea of guest blogging and find it’s a great way to get that exposure your webpages need for you to succeed as a work from home blogger. I feel it’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend more money promoting their website.

As a guest blogger you will be able to publish posts on many other blogs in your niche, of course your articles must be accepted by the blog owner so they need to be quality blog posts worthy of publishing. This works great for me and I get a lot more target traffic today because of the time I invest in guest blogging.

I don’t even bother with blogs that don’t relate to my own blog, in some way. The thing is, even if you get published on non-related blogs, you aren’t likely to get target traffic and because of that your results won’t be as they should be. Stick to being a guest blogger on relevant blogs.

Reputation Is Everything Today

Locating The Top Blogs to Guest Post OnMy advice is to skip the blogs that have a poor reputation as you don’t want any of that rubbing off on your site. Instead take the time to find quality blogs to associate with as a guest blogger and you will have more positive results.

Reputation can be assumed or passed on by association and is a big reason why you should avoid sites with bad reputations or spammy sites.


Choose Blogs That Are Active

I see a lot of blogs that interest me at first but once I look at them I notice they don’t publish very often which is a red flag to me. I want to guest blog on relevant blogs that are actively blogging regularly, a minimum of two blog posts a week or better.

Then you have the blogs that accept every article that comes their way, good or bad. This is just as bad as having a blog with too few updates as it can look very spammy to the search engine bots that visit them.

Example: On my blogs I show the last 10 posts and I only publish 5 articles a week max, guest posts included. This means anyone guest blogging on my blogs has their blog post showing for at least a week.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I still guest post on blogs that have a lot of articles published, as long as they maintain a good pagerank and stay relevant.

As work from home bloggers we need to learn how get the best results, meaning targeted traffic, from each guest post you have published. Article marketing through guest blogging is such a great way to do. Make it a part of your marketing goals and stay relevant and on topic.

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