Many Marketers Make Mistakes Writing Articles

Many Marketers Make Mistakes Writing ArticlesIt a very common thing for work from home marketers new and old to slip up a bit when it comes to article marketing and using proper SEO or search engine optimization.

Following the steps listed below you should be able to stay on track and have your pages indexed so you can receive target traffic you can earn money through. Just a little SEO and you’re on your way.


  1. Keyword Stuffing

This reminds of two particular clients. I explained that they needed to use specific keywords and phrases known as keywords so that the major search engines would pick them up and index their pages so they could be found in the search engines.

Well they both sent me back pages of content that we so stuffed with their keywords that they made me laugh. At first I thought both of them were having fun with me but they weren’t. That’s when I explained keyword density.

I also asked them if they would stay on pages that were stuffed like that. That was when they started to understand about keyword density and keyword stuffing.

I told them they could have a keyword density of about 3-5% without any keyword stuffing or spamming.

Next I explained it was best to spread the keywords across their articles and blog posts. Start with your keyword phrase in the first hundred or a hundred and fifty words. Usually the first paragraph or sentence. Then again halfway through and again in the last paragraph. Make it look natural of course, as you would expect to read a post or article.

Really the goal is to keep your readers or visitors happy with your article yet using your keyword enough for the search engines to know your focus, without spamming.

  1. Use Headings To Break Up Content

I land on webpages pretty much daily where the content is just one solid block of text. No breaks other than paragraph breaks and that makes it harder to read and find things you’re looking for.

Instead of making it tough on your readers which often leads to them leaving your page early and before getting to the click you so need to succeed, break your article into sections using headings like I have done in this article.

  • Use heading
  • Use paragraph
  • Use numbering
  • Use bullet lists
  • Use numbered lists
  1. Fix Typos And Grammar Errors

Some people use typos as a tactic to get traffic from those who misspell key words when typing search text in search engines. Not a tactic I choose to use on purpose because I don’t like seeing typos on a page.

When I see too many I think they are using it as a tactic which I don’t care for or I think they really have a problem using their spell checker and often just leave the page and site with no intention of returning. I feel people lose more than they gain using a typo tactic.

I understand that we have many many users online today that have English as their second or even third language, which impresses me all to heck but it doesn’t help if they don’t use a grammar checker or someone proof read their documents.

  1. Misuse of Article Spinners

I personally use The Best Spinner to help me rewrite articles so I can publish them online without the duplicate content problem. I use TBS but I don’t use it’s auto features. I pick each synonym individually so my articles read like a human wrote them.

I think one of the biggest problems today is the misuse of article spinners and writing for search engines only. Not thinking about your visitors trying to read crap articles may get you the traffic your want but they won’t stay when they can’t make sense of your content.

For me personally article spinners work great, save me an amazing amount of time. I get the more traffic and they stay on my pages. Because of this my pagerank increases and I make my living.

So, for me The Best Spinner has been a great investment.

Note: I use a feature TBS has that allows me to protect my keywords from being spun. This is such a powerful option and makes a huge difference in the type of traffic I receive.

In Conclusion

The four key SEO points listed above can make a huge difference in your bottom-line if you are willing to invest time to do it right for each and every article you create.

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