Should You Be Hiring A Link Building Services

Should You Be Hiring A Link Building ServicesI have been a work from home blogger for a few years now and spend a lot of time focused on getting links pointing back to my webpages to help increase my page rank.

I have enough websites on the go now that I can’t keep up with the backlinking campaigns I had planned so I do use link building services to help me out periodically.

When I am writing content to publish I am always thinking about backlinking and keywords I will use for my backlinks because today it’s all about remaining relevant in the eyes of the search engines.


Focus Your Backlinks On Relevant Sites

Once I learned about good backlinking habits it began to make more sense to focus my backlinking to relevant sites only. Why would I waste hours of my time trying to get links from non-relevant sites.

I have a few home gardening tips blogs I need backlinks to so I can increase my site’s popularity and page rank for more top listing in Google. Why would I even bother thinking about getting links from sites that aren’t even close to my niche.

Make Your Backlink Text Keyword Varied

A good backlinking company should know to make your links keyworded and natural, using a variety of backlink text. The variety text for the hyperlinks is extremely natural but many just use one keyword phrase and then have hundreds of them all the same which looks very un-natural to the top search engines.

Be sure you or the backlink service you hire us natural linking and get linked from many different sites as well, such as news sites in your niche, relevant product websites, sites with pagerank, even some new websites. Don’t forget to use sites like Facebook, Squidoo and Twitter.

I don’t just comment on other sites to get backlinks from sites. Well actually yes I do but I take it to the next level by always leaving value added comments the owner isn’t going to delete. That added value in my comments nets me a lot of extra traffic directly from the site. Usually it’s targeted traffic because I link from relevant sites.

You may have noticed I use the word related or relevant a lot and for good reason. Relevant linking works so much better for me personally and the major search engines look for relevancy.

Using Article Marketing For Backlinking

Part of my backlinking strategy includes using backlinking services but I don’t have them do it all. I do what I can and for me that means writing and publishing keyworded articles around the Internet.

When article marketing I like to write first for as they are the most strict when it comes to article directories. Once I’ve been accepted I can rewrite the article and publish it on the other top article directories.

Guest Blogging For Backlinks

Part of my article marketing strategy is to use guest blogging as a methods of backlinking on relevant sites.

I have found I get better results when I guest blog on blogs with pagerank but it can be tougher getting a guest blogging gig on a blog with higher pagerank so make certain you produce a quality and helpful post the blog owner will want his or her readers to see.

I offer guest blogging on my own blogs and I will usually only give a person one second chance to produce quality. If they can’t satisfy on the second attempt they usually get another opportunity.

For this reason it’s best to look through the blog you wish to guest blog on and see what they have already.  This should give you a good idea of what they expect as far as content and quality go.

Guest blogging is a great and powerful opportunity so take your time and do it right the first time.

A good backlinking campaign for your work at home websites will include many ways to get your backlinks and they all have potential to send your page rank soaring.

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