Top 10 Super Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Top 10 Super Affiliate Marketing BenefitsI started my online business back in early 2001 and was making money rather quickly. Not over night mind you but within a few weeks. Back then I sold ebooks with reseller rights and did pretty good.

Then my heart exploded and life as I knew it was over. Long story short it took 4 years before I was able to get back into life as there was no fixing the heart damage. I slowly walked my way back to the point I could function. Oh yeah way too many meds too.

When I was finally back in the game as they say things had changed and I couldn’t seem to make anything through eBay any more and started looking at other avenues for earning income.


Then Affiliate Marketing Found Me

I saw the potential in affiliate marketing and started joining all kinds of affiliate programs and promoting affiliate products but I still wasn’t making money like I did when I started in 2001. What the heck was I doing wrong now?

That was the meds talking by the way.

I began looking for some training materials on affiliate marketing. I went through a couple of ebooks on the subject but was left confused and frustrated. Even requested my money back a few times. I didn’t have much patience with the meds I was taking and almost just called it quits.

After a bit of struggling I found a site promoting Rosalind Gardner’s ebook the Super Affiliate Handbook and read the review. Of course I had read reviews on the other affiliate marketing ebooks I didn’t get anything out of but at this point I was desperate and bought it anyways.

One of the best things I did since quitting smoking, although that took a heart attack to get through to me.

Just in case you aren’t the slightest bit familiar with affiliate marketing, like I was at the beginning here is a list of benefits Rosalind has listed in her ebook, Super Affiliate Handbook. I only used the numbered points so as not to be giving away her great content but it’s a start.

  1. Affiliate Products Don’t Cost Me Anything
  2. Setup Costs Are Extremely Low
  3. I’m Not Required To Pay Fees or Hold Licenses
  4. I Can Sell Pretty Much Anything I Want
  5. I Didn’t Need Experience In Sales
  6. I Don’t Have To Hire Any Employees
  7. Merchant Accounts Aren’t Required Either
  8. No Stocking of Any Inventory, At All
  9. I Don’t Do Any Order Processing
  10. No Need To Ship Products

As it turns out the review was right on as she’s the queen of affiliate marketing knowledge and so glad she has shared that with us.

Here is a video that I am sure will help you understand better than I can explain it. Enjoy. 

A Short Review of The Super Affiliate Handbook

Top 10 Super Affiliate Marketing BenefitsRosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook which is known today as ‘THE BIBLE’ of Affiliate Marketing,  and is definitely a MUST-READ for anyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer who actually makes money.

Rosalind’s writing style is a bit humorous and definitely friendly. Her Super Affiliate Handbook is sprinkled with examples of what she really did to become one of the most recognized super affiliates around the globe today.

Rosalind isn’t just writing about what she did that was correct she’s not afraid to share the negative experiences and I like that as it helps me avoid those same pitfalls and obstacles to my own affiliate success.

I have to say that Rosalind has produced an extremely well written ebook, one I can even understand. Her Super Affiliate Handbook covers all the things one really must know to be a successful affiliate marketer, meaning you make money.

I personally and HIGHLY Recommended her ebook and you can hold me to that.

Get Your Copy of the Super Affiliate Handbook today!

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