What You Need To Know About Article Marketing

What You Need To Know About Article MarketingThose who have been marketing for any length of time are aware of the potential there is in article marketing for building traffic, increasing page rank for their web pages and making money online working from home.

That and a buck fifty might just get you a coffee, maybe.

I know a few people personally who knew the earning potential there is in article marketing yet never made a nickel for their efforts. So knowing the earning potential and earning from article marketing is not the same thing.

Learn How To Earn From Article Marketing

Just sitting down and writing articles isn’t going to make you a successful blogger. I see people all day long who write articles that have no focus, especially keyword focus and it takes keyword focus to make article marketing work the best.

First Comes Niche Research

The number one step is to do your marketing and niche research to find a profitable niche, which is easy. The next step is to find keywords you can get traffic for quickly or you may go broke before you ever make any money.

Next Find Keywords You Can Get Traffic Using

So don’t use the same keywords people have been using and ranking with for years. It’s going to take you too long to get ranking and make money. Unless of course you have a really good plan. to use those keywords as secondary keywords.

Those two steps are your most vital steps and without them you’re likely to be stumbling around in the dark because there is more to article marketing than writing articles all day.

Stay Relevant In Both Content As Well As Hyperlinking

I write articles for my individual sites and focus on unique keyworded articles but I also publish my articles in a variety of places I can leave my relevant links and today I found a new place I can get quality ranking.

I’ve tried 4 of the article networks available today and after a year of working from home writing and spinning articles I have seen little benefit. My understanding is that most of the blogs in these networks have no page rank and give me little link juice that benefits any of my blogs.

I tend to write longer articles running near a 1000 words per article. People tend to want things short and to the point so shorter articles are great if they are in the 300 – 500 word range.

What I do now is instead of writing long and wordy articles I divide them into 3 or 4 articles which will have 2 links each. Much more powerful for ranking purposes, which of course is my goal.

Publishing to Article Directories

I also publish articles to the top article directories. For this I use The Best Spinner to rewrite articles for these directories.

Note: I don’t use the auto features for replacing words and phrases, although they do have an extensive user generated database, I prefer to rewrite semi-manually, if that’s a word. This way I avoid destroying the flow of my articles or worse, losing the focus of my keywords.

So I use The Best Spinner to rewrite sentences and then swap out words and phrases individually, although I pick them from the user generated database, which saves me so much time and I end up with unique yet keyword focused articles.

Article Marketing Makes My Business Money

So in conclusion I would suggest you avoid most of the article networks out there today until you learn about the blogs your content is going to be on. Do they have pagerank?

For your article spinning needs give The Best Spinner a try, you won’t regret it and both have a trial period. BMR is a free 2 week trial while TBS is just $7 for 7 days. I was sold in just a couple of hours though.

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