Why You Just Might Want To Become A Work From Home Blogger

Why You Just Might Want To Become A Work From Home BloggerToday I work from home as a blogger. I used to have many websites that I found hard to make a real living with and slowly started converting them to niche blogs and started making more money on a regular basis. Now there are countless numbers of blogs.

So would you be just wasting your time if you started a bog today? I sounds like it would hard to get any eyes on your blog posts, doesn’t it. Well I felt that way for a while but didn’t it anyways and I not only get traffic, I get target traffic that keeps increasing and I make money. It does take work and planning but it works.

  1. Just Want To Say What Is On My Mind

Because I love fishing so much I started a fly fishing blog to share my fly fishing adventures. I wasn’t looking to make money. I just wanted to share what I know about fishing that keeps me so addicted. It didn’t’ take long before it was far more than just a fly fishing blog.

Before I knew it I had people asking if I would take them fishing and made a few new fishing buddies. Next I added some affiliate links for products I use and people started buying them and I was making money. But I started with the desire to just share what I know.

  1. Long Distance Communicating Online

I like sharing ideas with like minded people and do just that with my blogs. I communicate with people all around the world, making new friends I may never actually meet. When you deal with like minded people it’s great to share ideas long distance.

I find a lot of blogs through niche related forums. It’s a great way to make new friends and get more targeted traffic to your own blog.

  1. Finding Support For Your Cause

Blogs are ideal for those with a cause they want support for. What a great way to get the word out and it doesn’t have to be just your blog. Very quickly one blog post can pretty much become viral as your readers share with other bloggers.

After having a heart attack I started blogging about my condition and before I knew it I had more helpful info than I could ever read. I learned more in a few days of blogging than I had from my own doctor in months of visits.

  1. Blogging Can Expand Minds

Blogs are great for sharing but I find blogging great for learning things and keeping my mind active with thoughts of hobbies and interest, like my acoustic guitar blog. I share what I learn which leads other like minded people to respond.

Many time their response, in the comment, leads me to other blogs where they share what they know and I learn more about playing guitar or fishing or gardening, what ever it is I am sharing and learning.

  1. Use Your Blog To Really Help Others

I realized a long time ago that I don’t have to be an expert in a niche to help others through my blogs. I just need to share what I know and others who know less than I do kind of look at me as an expert. So really being an expert is subjective.

For twenty years I was a computer instructor. I taught courses at 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Even those taking my beginner courses saw me as an expert and I was able to help hundreds and hundreds of people become more efficient with their software and computers.

This is why how to blogs can do so well. People want to know and blogs tend to get indexed pretty fast on search engines. The fact that blogs are usually updated by their owners far more often than the static type websites.

Today I have blogs in a variety of niches such as home gardening, how to play acoustic guitar, fly tying for fly fishing and even work from home blogs.

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