Writing This Blog Post Using Windows Live Writer

Writing This Blog Post Using Windows Live WriterI like writing my blog posts using Windows Live Writer today. It’s free and so easy to use, plus I can have all my blog log in info listed for easy publishing.

Windows Live Writer works just like my word process so it’s easy for me to use and the fact I can keep my drafts in the system makes it easy to have many works in various stages of writing.

I like it so much more than logging into each blog’s admin area to write my blog posts. Now I can do it all from one program and just publish to the blog I want to. I can even retrieve older blog posts which I’ve already published on my blog and rewrite them for other blogs.

A really cool feature which has come in handy more than once is to update from my blog. This will allow me to get categories that I may have added since setting up my blog in Writer. I can also have Writer download the blog theme so I can see my blog post as it will appear on my site.

I can also add categories while I am creating my articles which comes in extremely handy. As well there’s an area for you to include your tags for each blog post.

Schedule Post Date

I work from home about 5 days a week, some weeks more and some less. The thing is I am not always available when a post should be published, but not to worry because Writer has that covered with the Set Post Date option. I can schedule it for a future day, publish the post and go fishing if I so desire and I do.

I currently have 16 blogs setup in Writer and can access each with a click of the mouse. So much more efficient that going to each admin area each time I want to publish an blog post. Each blog has the look and feel of the blog online because Writer can download that info so each blog looks like it’s counter part online.

It’s great to be able to have articles in various stages of writing, all in the same place so I can quickly access them. So convenient.

Real Time Word Count

I like to keep my articles in the area of 500 words, which I can set to show in the bottom right corner of Windows Live Writer, so I can see how many words I have at any given time. Example if I don’t go back and add more content before this point I have 408 words so far.

So I still need to write another hundred words and I’ll be all set.

Inserting A Picture In Your Post

Writing This Blog Post Using Windows Live WriterHey there, just thought I would say hi and to let you know it’s just so easy to insert images and then manipulate their position to where you want it.

I could have put this image on the right or in the middle if I wanted to but I like it on the left with a bit of space around it. Just a couple of clicks in Writer. I can even drag and drop them from my desktop.

I can click the Picture icon on the toolbar and easily load an image. I can even resize it from within Live Writer. I can quickly insert an image from my computer or even from a web address (URL). I even have short cuts for features I want to access quickly which I love because it speeds things up.

Example: I wanted to place an image in the top left so I just placed my cursor and hit Control+J to get a an image from my computer. I could have just as easily have used Control+Shift+J to get an image from the web.

Inserting Video In Your Post

I used to go to Youtube, find a video and then embed the video in my post which is a bit intimidating to new bloggers. Windows Live Writer takes care of this for me. All I need to do is provide the URL, web address.

So let’s go to Youtube and find a video that will help my post and readers. So I am going to look for a video that will teach a bit more about Windows Live Writer.

Well that’s it for this post but I hope it was helpful to you. Using Windows Live Writer has helped me speed up my blogging quite a bit. Not bad for a free tool, is it?

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